Ellis Brown Custom Shop

BCB 02

I specialize in the building double rifles and extra rifle barrels sets for existing double rifles. I will build a double rifle on a shotgun action provided by the customer. See our gallery for examples of some of this work.

I also build custom bolt action rifles, especially African Express rifles, but also German style sporters, and classic American style sporting rifles.

I also do specialty custom work like the Winchester 94 rifle with 3 barrels, and custom traditional muzzleoaders – anything that is a creative challenge.


I also supply full length integral top ribs – 1/4-rib, mid-rib, and front sight all machined out of one piece of steel.  The flat ribs can be ordered with different patterns applied.  I supply hollow ribs for the trade that fit between the barrels and from the a 1/4-rib to the front sight and on the underside of the barrels.