Full Length Ribs

Full Length Ribs

frib1These ribs are designed to be used on double rifles and are machined with the 1/4-rib, mid-rib, and front sight ramp integral in one solid rib. They are machined from .50″ x .50″ 1018CR bar stock. The front sight ramp machined to a top width of .380″, and flares down to .50″ at the bottom.

The ribs are currently available in a hollow/concave version and a flat version. The flat version is available with a plain mid-rib, striated (lines), or with a diamond pattern.

The “genric” configuration of these ribs is with a 2″ long front sight ramp, and 1/4-ribs from 7.5″ to 8.5″ depending on the length. Generally, for a given barrel length the rib is 1.0″ longer (i.e. for 25″ barrels, the rib would be 26″). This allows for some leeway in the fitting of the rib. See chart below. Custom lengths and configurations are available — call or email your needs.

 Rib Specifications

 Barrel Length  1/4-Rib  Mid-Rib  Overall Length
 24″  7.5″  15.5″ 25″
 25″  7.5″  16.5″  26″
 26″  7.75″  17.25″  27″
 27″  7.75″  18.25″  28″

frib2  frib3

Note: If you wish to order textured ribs, please be sure you indicate which texture pattern you would like. See the images below for the available patterns.

Pricing is for informational purposes. We are working to get online ordering in place, but we are not able to accept orders at this time.

Plain Full Length Rib
Textured Full Length Rib

Sorry, we are not able to take phone orders. Thank you for your understanding.